Payments Operations Specialist Amsterdam

Payments Operations Specialist

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Payments Operations Specialist

In this role, you will be responsible for providing and managing payments processing across the company’s banking product as well as providing support to both internal and external stakeholders involved.

We will need you to bring a strong attention to detail and the capability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment as well as a desired exposure to fintech, banking and payment industries. A motivated, self-starter with excellent communication skills, coupled with a high level of personal accountability and ownership will excel in this role. The ability to prioritise tasks while maintaining a high level of accuracy in this role in also highly important.

Job Description:

  • Provide operational support and oversight of the company’s banking products
  • Manage the banking/payment gateway(s) in use and associated 3rd party vendors relevant to day-to-day operations
  • Complete daily operational tasks on various aspects of payments within the operations team
  • Work with the banking operations teams in terms of setting department capabilities, internal processes, tasks and expected outcomes
  • Monitor and assure the core processing KPIs of payments functions are reported and assessed, addressing processing speed, dealing with exceptions/rejections and chasing outstanding status requests
  • Able to confidently and proactively shape and align processes to highlight fraud alongside the Compliance/Fraud team as well as assist the department to maintain optimal processing efficiency / STP

In this role, your responsibilities are:

  • Maintaining the structure and efficiency of the company’s payment systems and services
  • Create and monitor payment rules
  • Help design contingency rules for possible issues
  • Design and maintain payments outage alerts and craft escalation procedures
  • Provide feedback and ideas for system improvements
  • Liaise with banking partners on the introduction of new payment methods and/or new clients
  • Liaise with other departments to support their activities on payment related requests
  • Identify and resolve any bugs within the payment systems
  • Create transaction reports and reconcile transactions within the company’s legacy systems
  • Report to the respective project management/technical teams effectively
  • Ability to manage processing crises in a manner that is effective for customers but also clear for auditing purposes and finance

Required Skills:

  • Experience in processing payments /back office environment
  • Knowledge and skills to configure, maintain and support payment applications, portals and systems
  • Ability to liaise with financial institutions and collaborate on processing transactions, addressing and escalating issues and managing stakeholder expectations
  • Ability to manage processing crises in a manner that is effective for customers
  • Strong interpersonal skills and business acumen
  • Flexible and reliable business approach with the facility of managing and prioritising multiple tasks
  • Previous background in financial services and preferably banking/payments strongly preferred