Daria Rippingale, Bankingblocks CEO wins Advance Award

Daria Rippingale, Bankingblocks CEO wins Advance Award | Awards

5 September 2019 by Julieta Atanasova

We are thrilled to announce that Bankingblocks CEO Daria Rippingale, has won the Advance Award for her achievements in the Financial Services industry.

The Advance Awards celebrate the work of Australian citizens or residents who have made a significant global contribution overseas in selected industries.

“Through Advance events, academic ties, business networks, and mentoring programs, we’re creating a global network of Australians. We want to promote their skills and knowledge which in turn builds Australia’s reputation internationally.” – says Advance Chairman Yasmin Allen.

The Advance organisation has recognised Daria’s contributions and achievements in the financial services industry.

“The organisation, in partnership with the Australian government, develops, supports and cultivates a robust network of talented Australians around the world for collaboration and mentorship and to drive innovation across multi-disciplined industries in Australia and abroad. It is an honour to win the Financial Services Award and be recognised by such a valued organisation like Advance.” – says Bankingblocks CEO Daria Rippingale.

Daria is an advocate for financial innovation, regulatory compliance control and open inclusiveness in the ever-expanding financial industry. She takes a very straightforward and proactive approach to innovation and problem-solving in the complex financial services space – this is how Bankingblocks came to be.

We are happy for Daria, and proud to be part of her team. Congratulations to all the winners!

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